About The Project

Five fantastic new tracks, five new stories to discover. Our second album is set to challenge the choral world and inspire a new vision for Stay At Home Choir, championing diversity and new music whilst still enjoying the old classics. 

We've got a plans for the Album project for the next decade, widening choral horizons and establishing an annual tradition of creative collaboration across the globe.

Exciting, right?

How Do I Get Involved?

The Album Project is designed to fit flexibly into the life of any music-lover - around work, social engagements and in-person choir rehearsals.

Singers will receive a rich goodie bag of resources to help them learn, and to help them improve their voices in the process. 

 Recordings can be made throughout the summer, and submitted any time until 31st August.

Singers can submit recordings of all five tracks or as many tracks as they wish, and new members are warmly welcome

Sign up below, or join our waitlist to apply for a free place. 

What's Included?

  • Scores for five wonderful choral pieces

  • Part-By-Part Audio Learning Resources

  • Sectionals With Tori and Jamie

  • Special Guest Appearances!

  • Schedule In Three Time Zones (see below for key dates)

  • Your Voice On A Professionally Produced Album

Key Dates

A more detailed rehearsal schedule will be released in the coming weeks...

  • 1st July - Resources Released

  • 11th July - Rehearsals And Special Sessions Begin

  • 1st August - Submissions Open

  • 31st August - Submissions Close

Sign Up Now

Our Album project is already underway, but there is still time to submit your recordings.

How do I join the Album Project II?

To join The Album Project II click the Sign Up Now button above. Once you’ve signed up you’ll receive an email with information about how to access the album scores and learning tracks, and how to join online rehearsals.

The Album Project II will run over the course of the summer months, with learning content front-loaded to give you plenty of time to record and submit at your own pace. See below for key dates and deadlines.

How much does the Album Project II cost to join?

The Album Project II costs £45 to join; if you are on the members mailing list you receive a £5 discount, members of our new subscription receive 20% this and all future projects.
The project price includes the learning resources for all five pieces; all five scores, guide tracks, online rehearsals and special guest sessions with composers and guest artists.

The price of our Album Projects is higher than our single-track recording projects, reflecting the longer duration and the larger number of rehearsals and resources we offer for this project.

Can I pay to join rehearsals for just one track?

An important of our ethos is to champion less well known and diverse repertoire and help it become more widely known and loved. The Album Project is an invitation to SAHC members to discover this repertoire with us, so we’ve programmed a selection works that sit well together. For this reason, The Album Project is offered as a package of five pieces rather than as five individual tracks.

Once you’ve joined the project you are welcome to attend as many rehearsals you like, and to learn and record all five tracks or just one. However, we can’t offer a discount for taking part in fewer than five tracks.

We will continue to run single-track recording projects throughout the year, and there’s new exciting stuff in the pipeline which we’ll be announcing very soon.

Can I Pay As I Feel for this project?

For the first two years of our existence, projects allowed members to Pay As You Feel. Over time, we’ve introduced set prices for our projects, which is necessary to reliably cover the costs involved in mounting each project. Your project fee covers the costs of producing our learning resources, running rehearsals, working with artists and musicians and creating a professionally produced album.

We believe that music should be accessible to everyone, and we offer sponsored waitlist places on each project. If you're not able to pay the project price, you can register for the waitlist by scrolling down past the pricing section and we’ll be in touch if we can offer you a free place. We offer free places to as many people on our waitlist as we can.

Can I donate to support the waitlist for this project?

Yes you can! To sponsor a place on our waitlist, please select Sponsor The Waitlist from our price list below. We greatly appreciate the generosity of SAHC members who sponsor waitlist places, supporting singers who otherwise wouldn't be able to take part.

If you would like to make an additional donation to the Stay At Home Choir, please click here. We’re a very small team and we receive no external funding. Any donation you can make, large or small, is greatly appreciated by all of us.

Our funding model is constantly evolving. For now, we are 100% funded by project registration fees, but we hope to be able to secure funding in the future to help keep us going.


  • I'm unable to join the live rehearsals, can I watch them back later?

    Yes! All of our projects are streamed to Youtube. Rehearsals are made available to watch back as many times as you like.

  • Do I have to submit a recording? Can I just take part in the rehearsals?

    Not if you don’t want to! It’s absolutely fine for you to just come along to rehearsals and take part in the process without submitting a recording. If the project is a video project, we also accept audio-only submissions for those who would prefer not to be seen

  • I've not sung in an in-person choir before and don't have much/any choir experience, can I still take part?

    Absolutely! We provide all the materials you need to learn the music for our projects, including the score, voice-part specific rehearsals, and learning tracks. With members from over 75 countries with every possible experience level we make sure that whichever way you learn there are the resources you need.